• Cancellation of PAS-festival 2020

Cancellation of PAS-festival 2020

With the nice weather these days I don't put on a coat when I go outside, but I do create a zone around me of one and a half meters. And that is not a comfort zone where it is safe within and exciting outside. This zone does not suit me and is not comfortable at all, because the invisible danger lies just as much out- as inside. When someone approaches my zone, I smile kindly and step aside. A lot of friendly nods these days, but it remains unreal. The one-and-a-half-meter-society for as long as it is needed, but it cannot become a ‘new normal’.

Normal for Studium Generale is that we open the doors of the university to welcome everyone to gain and share knowledge. The Pleasure, Art and Science Festival (PAS), with which we have started the season for several years, is a very good example of this. How nice it would be to open the academic year again with this festival in September. But the uncertainty and risks are too great. As much as we would like it to be different, the PAS festival that would take place on 4 and 5 September this year, is canceled. We think of the common responsibility for the health of many and follow the policy of the university. The team is disappointed. We miss bringing people together. We are working hard to organise the rest of our program from September onwards in the hope to meet everyone ‘normally’ again. And we hope to take revenge in 2021 with yet another festive PAS-festival. In the meantime, follow us online via Studium Quarantine.

Rob van Duijn
head Studium Generale Office