• HistoBistro


Reviving the tastes of the past at the PAS Festival

On Friday evening, the Maastricht University Library, Centre Céramique, the Regional Historic Center Limburg and the Historical and Archaeological Society of Limburg will give a glimpse of historical cuisine, drawing on their unique collections and expertise.

They will present a fine selection of historical cookery books from their Special Collections, besides giving lectures, a workshop and tasting sessions. The HistoBistro will be set up in the hall of the administrative building at Minderbroedersberg 4-6, and the lectures and workshop will be given in the adjacent rooms.

For this tasteful evening, Onno Kleyn, culinary journalist and author of Luilekkerland, will give a lecture about his research into 400 years of cookery in the Netherlands. Taste professor and gastronome Peter Klosse will talk about the taste of the future. If you’d like to have a go at historical cooking yourself, then join in the workshop given by Marleen Willebrands and Peer Boselie. If all of this has given you a taste for more, then come to the histo(rical)bistro for a taste of the past!