• Haroon Rezaie

Haroon Rezaie

Student at United World College Maastricht

When I arrived in Maastricht at the end of 2015 as an asylum seeker, I was amazed by the activities and festivals organised by Maastricht University and its partner organisations. Soon after my arrival, I got to know the city and its history, background and people. I created a network in Maastricht and took part in as many things as possible. All these activities have led to my increased interest in politics and immigration, and in building bridges between locals, internationals and refugees in the city of Maastricht. Being part of the Take Twee project at the PAS Festival this year enables me to share my story and inspire people around me. If you’re looking for inspiration, come and meet me at Take Twee. Luckily, I’ve been able to create a second family in this international city with the Refugee Project Maastricht, and they will be at the festival as well to meet people. So come along to Taste & Talk, to meet others, make connections and help build a community with refugees, immigrants, expats, locals and international students. And if you’re wondering whether or not the Netherlands has become home to asylum seekers like me, then go and listen to the lecture by Arjen Leerkes. And don’t forget: be positive, smile, inspire others and give me a high five when you see me. I'm very eager to get to know every one of you!