• Leo Graus

Leo Graus

Owner of the Tribunal cafe

The Tribunal is located at the heart of the PAS Festival, so every year it’s teeming with activity in the cafe and round about. We also provide a nourishing meal for all the artists. In the cafe, we hear all the reactions from the artists and the public, who are enthusiastic about the PAS programme. If I get time in between working, I like to go and look at the gardens and courtyards, where there’s always a nice atmosphere with fun acts and great music. In the weeks leading up to the festival, I try to persuade everyone who visits the cafe to go and look at all that’s on offer in the university buildings. People often think it’s only for the university. And they don’t trust what they don’t know. But there really is something for everyone there, and you can feel the P (Pleasure) of PAS everywhere. My tips? Go to one of the short lectures on the importance of sleep or creativity, for example. Definitely go to the atmospheric big garden of the Law Faculty, to look at Sally Dance Company Maastricht, for instance. Do a little dance in the tiny disco La Grand Boite – and don’t forget to come to our cafe to tell us about all the exciting discoveries you’ve made.