• De Karavaan ‘19

De Karavaan ‘19

Seasonal Closure by Stadnomade

Spring and summer 2019 kick-started the collaboration between the skating community Stadsnomade (City Nomads) and various neighbourhoods of Maastricht. Stadsnomade travels through neighbourhoods with De Karavaan (The Caravan), giving free skating lessons to youngsters. And through workshops, the artistic team also provides an inspiring pop-up environment that encourages creativity and freedom of expression.
De Karavaan descends for the last time this season at the PAS Festival, where everyone is welcome to skate and to get an impression of what has been created this year. The aim is to keep creating, in a variety of places, with the children of our city. Come and join the forces and get to know the project better!

Gathering of the Maastricht Tribes
On the Art Wall, Stadsnomade will display the outcome of the creative workshops in which children from various neighbourhoods have participated over the course of the summer. The topics addressed include community, citizenship, arts and culture.

The Live Fine Street Art Wall
Artist Mariëlle Yogi will interpret the work made by the children in a grand canvas.

Skateboarding Days
Take part in free skate sessions on the mini ramp or try out tricks on the flat grounds. Stadsnomade mentors will be giving free skate workshops to children aged 6 to 15, until 21.00. Skateboards, helmets and other necessary protection will be provided.

Let the Good Times Roll: Jam Session (Friday)
Stadsnomade invites all instrumentalists and vocalists to join us in the tent for a low-key jam session. Musicians participating in the opening parade of the festival will end up here around 20.00 to start off the session.

Zircona Zircus (Saturday)
A creative hip-hop collective from Brussels that shares a vision of bringing light into our lives through music, arts and performance. Showtime 21:00.

More information: www.stadsnomade.org