• Alumni & PAS Festival

Alumni & PAS Festival

On Saturday 9 September, the University of Maastricht organizes an alumni day during the PAS-festival. During the alumni meetings, alumni can enjoy musical and theatrical performances and 'old school' lectures in their faculty, acts that can also be seen during the PAS-festival later that day.

With more than 100 activities including Lectures, Music, Theater, Dance, Art, Do Activities and Tours, the PAS Festival is an excellent moment to (re-)discover the University (also for non-alumni).

A selection of the Saturday program

Lectures: Can a Machine make Art?, Stress and Memory, Jihad in Limburg, Artificial Intelligence; can a Machine make Art?, Positive Effects of MDMA
Music: Pocket Knife Army, Superska, Darlyn, Bruce Ellison & the Jellodies
Theatre: Okidok, Wedding Chapel, Three of a Kind
Art: Steven Palmen, Bart van Krunkelsven
Specials: Virtual Reality in Crime Research, Search for industrial heritage in Maastricht