• Why PAS?

Why PAS?

The University and the City

During the PAS-festival, the UM opens the doors of several buildings in the Maastricht Quartier Latin, so that everyone can explore in person unique and often unfamiliar places. They will be treated to a wide variety of short lectures, concerts, dance and theatre performances, art, guided tours and refreshments. Most of the items on the programme will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Students and the City

The PAS festival offers to students and natives an ideal meeting place. Experience has shown us that the festival is visited mainly by students from abroad who – unlike many local and Dutch students – spend their weekends in Maastricht.

Art and Science

Science has to focus more on solving socially relevant issues and art is expected to show signs of social engagement. At the PAS-festival, we present a selection of this kind of  research being carried out at UM faculties. The programme also includes work by artists who have a great interest in social issues. Reading between the lines, PAS also focuses on the overlap between the different worlds of artists and scientific researchers.


The 3rd edition of the PAS festival revolved around the 40th anniversary of the UM. It was a huge celebration. In light of the importance of the festival for the whole university community and for the relationship between the university and the local community, the continuation of the festival has been guaranteed for the next few years by the Board of Maastricht University.

More Compact

Just as a plant loses its leaves in order to survive the winter or needs pruning in order to make it stronger or improve its shape, after the winter we gave the festival a critical make over. This has resulted in fewer locations, fewer performances and fewer evenings, making it more compact and efficient and creating a clearer overview.

Pleasure instead of Parcours

The P of PAS no longer stands for Parcours. In practice, there was a lot of confusion with the annual cultural event in Maastricht called the Parcours. So we decided to use the P to represent a different concept: Pleasure. After all, many of our festival activities exude the maker’s pleasure. From far out you can see the pleasure on the faces of many of our visitors. And last but not least the programme makers also take great pleasure in putting together this great annual festival.

UM Alumni Day

This year, on Saturday afternoon the PAS evening programme is preceded by a UM alumni day. Nearly all faculties have a programme of events. So you can plan to meet here with your fellow students first and then dive into the Jekerkwartier for Pleasure, Art & Science.

The Sun

The weather is beyond our control. We can’t promise you that the weather gods will be as kind to us as in 2016. However, we can all influence the weather of our mood – so let the sun shine in your heart and come and enjoy PAS!

Jacques Reiners