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Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams
Kumbia Boruka
Iraqi Maqam
Chantal Acda
Tiny Legs Tim
Mad About the Mountains
Shishani & Namibian Tales
Bogdan Cioceanu
Tibetan music
Pakistani Ragas
Les Chaupiques
Broken Voices Trio

Bruce Elison & Jellodies
Mec Jek
Super Ska
Kind of Pink
Bony King Solo
Pocket Knife Army
Tigre Blanco
Maasbone Quartet
Bogdan Cioceanu
Jaspa String Quartet
Het Orgel Trio
Henriëtte Hustinx Prize

Search for Industrial Heritage in Maastricht
Psychosocial factors in Functional Gastrointestinal Problems
Move to the Rhythm
Hacker Cultures
Love in Ancient Greece and India
Endurance and Meaningfulness
Learning from Other People's Data
When your Heart Skips a Beat
Digital Cultures: Hopes, Fears and Realities
The Rise and Decline of Liberalism in Eastern Europe​
Music and Language in the Brain
Can AARON be Warhol?
How do you Recognise a Liar?
Climate Change and Biodiversity
Legal Battles About Stolen and Looted Art

Search for Industrial Heritage in Maastricht
Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
What (and how) do we learn in art museums?
AI; can a machine make art?
The Wilderness and its Cultural History
Will Data Science Change the Drugs we are Prescribed?
How your Office is Killing you - and your House too
Sultan, the Research, the Book
Children's Tights: Looking at Law Through Children's Eyes
Did my Brain do It? About Neuroscience and Criminal Responsibility
"Prince of Darkness"
Stress and Memory Behavioral Effects
Complex Operations on the Heart: The Twilight Between the Art and Science
Positive effects of MDMA!?
Stimulating Brains

Theater and art
Nightscapes Productions
Three of a kind
Kleine Scala
Cie Okidok
Adam Fields
Project Sally
The Wedding Chapel 
Frans Custers
Maurico Cugat
Outsider Art in the Tribunal
Boumediene Belbachir
Bart van Krunkelsven
Steven Palmen
Henriëtte Hustinx prize

Inspiring Stories From Brightlands
Tackling CO2 Emissions and Plastic Pollution Along the Silk Road
Measuring Productivity in Healthcare
Virtual Reality in Crime Research
Take a Shot
Control Someone Else with Your Brain