• Euregional stories

Euregional stories

Short poetry films

20:45-21:00 (ENG) / Location 3: Minderbroedersberg 4-6, 0.013

Which stories are told in the Euregion and about it? How do we create the region’s identity through these stories? Are there differences in those stories on each side of the border? Through making Euregional poetry films, PANDA, Platform for Literature, has collected stories about the language of the Euregion.

Introducing Euregional stories

Martje Schoemaker, producer and program director

Martje Schoemaker helps storytellers to share their stories. But the creative process itself is also a story worth sharing. Where do you find the connection between image and text, and how do you hear which stories want to be told? Martje Schoemaker gives an introduction to the background and creation of the poetry films.

Films: Kim Catrin – Postkarte | Michelle Bracke - Fort Huy | Steff Geelen - Dit hart is een jammerdal | Julie Trémouilhe - Wa make | Joost Oomen - Want de Voer zal je redden | - Simon Vandenbulke - Mémoire de Saint-Vith