• Cretaceous Era Sea Shanties: 3S-AMI-5A

Cretaceous Era Sea Shanties: 3S-AMI-5A

20:00-20:20 / 21:30-21:50 / Location 5: De Bosquetplein 6-7, Garden Mosasaurus

Inspired by a discussion with a local professor of paleontology, 3S-AMI-5A interprets the original environment of the Mosasaurus: the Cretaceous era tropical shallow sea.
The duo uses electronic sound production, dance and saxophone improvisations as their medium. They draw their materials from flint data in the limestone, the tropical ocean-knowledge of contemporary dancer Emilie van der Waals from Sint Maarten, and other sources. Composer Julia Warren hopes to make the bones of the Mosasaur resting in the Natural History Museum feel a little less homesick.

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