• Why PAS?

Why PAS?

The university and the city
During the Pleasure, Art & Science Festival (PAS) festival, Maastricht University (UM) is throwing open the doors of several buildings in the Maastricht Quartier Latin, so that a wide public can explore some unique, sometimes unfamiliar places in person. They will be treated to a wide variety of short lectures, concerts, dance and theatre performances, demonstrations, art and guided tours.

One of the goals of the festival, which is organised by Studium Generale, is to provide residents of the Maastricht region with an accessible introduction to the research that is carried out at the university: Science. Another important branch is the fine arts, mainly in the form of music and theatre: Arts. And all of this is seasoned with Pleasure, not only through a small programme of clownesque street theatre, but also because all the participants and visitors join in creating a wonderful atmosphere and enjoying a varied programme together!

To connect
The PAS festival connects art and science by showing various disciplines side by side. It connects academics with the general public and the university with the city, bringing students and other residents of the city and region into contact with one another.

Grand and intimate
This is now the fifth edition of the PAS festival. Once again, the UM has pulled out all the stops to provide two evenings filled with a staggering choice of over 50 activities. But most items on the programme last no more than 30 minutes, so you can fit a lot into each evening. Some of the music and theatre performances are repeated, so you can see them later that evening or the following one. A special feature
of the festival is its intimacy – with small venues, unusual places you may not know yet, beautiful courtyards and personal contact with speakers, artists and other visitors.

The sun
Although we can’t control the weather, everything will go ahead even if it pours down. So just as in previous years – let the sun shine in your heart and come and enjoy PAS!