• Wunderkammer Jacques Reiners

Wunderkammer Jacques Reiners

Nightscape Productions

With pain in our hearts, in April we had to say farewell to Jacques Reiners, the former head of Studium Generale (see In Memoriam in the introduction). In remembrance of him and as a tribute, we are setting up a Wunderkammer, filled with his absurd, colourful creations that bear witness to his life with a twist – a twist that has benefited Studium Generale and the university for almost 40 years. His home was full of artefacts that form one big artwork, along with his carnival creations. Take a look at the nuns’ cellar, where we give you a taste of Jacques’ creative spirit.


Sat 10 September 19:00-24:00h
Location 1: Bonnefantenstraat 2