• Poetry Petrol Points

Poetry Petrol Points


The literary talent group of PANDA, called Het Belangrijk Genootschap (The Important Society) – whose content is as yet unclear and ever-changing, though always literary – can be found at small Poetry Petrol Points spread around the festival. Are you running low on petrol? Need a quiet poetry pitstop or want to escape the festival frenzy for a moment? Come and enjoy a personal poem at one of the Poetry Petrol Points. Keep an eye out for the Petrol Point signs.


Fri 9 September 20:00-23:00h
Salon Balcony B 1.003
Location 2: Bouillonstraat
Fri 9 September 20:00-23:00h
PhD Room 0.163
Location 3: Minderbroedersberg 4-6
Fri 9 September 20:00-23:00h
Carriage Entrance
Location 3: Minderbroedersberg 4-6
Fri 9 September 20:00-22:30h
Student Common Room (Cellar)
Location 4: Kapoenstraat 2