• Specials Park Side

Specials Park Side

On the park side of the Tapijn barracks, you‘ll find the PAS Specials: different acts and intimate places that you can visit without a reservation, although you do need to get a time slot on site for the theatre act Boy Next Door. This act is in Dutch. For all other specials, language is no problem.
Remember to keep your distance during the performances and when waiting.

Nightscapes Productions will turn the festival area into a spherical stage with its theatrical scenography and scenography. It leaves traces of magic, surprising and always crossing the border of your daily routine. This results into in situ created installations performances and theatrical sceneries with a special, sometimes alienating ambiance.
Nightscapes Productions has literally made a virtue of necessity. Their material choice is characterized by availability and the consumption behaviour of our society. Through recycling and upcycling the “waste of our society”, it gains a new life and meaning in the surrealistic art installations. Not only does it make our world a little lighter, “old stuff” also challenges creativity and often already has its own story to be told. Small turns into tall, special into ordinary.
More information: www.NightscapesProductions.nl