Kaleido Stage

For the PAS Festival, the international student organisation Kaleido joins forces with Maastricht’s Stadsnomade. Two organisations at the core of Maastricht’s cultural life. There is a stage with music, spoken word and comedy, a skate ramp for all who wants to show off or learn tricks and an art ‘wall’.

About Kaleido
By organising a diverse range of cultural activities Kaleido designs one-of-a-kind encounters, creates memories that last, and shares the knowledge and skills to empower others to do the same. Kaleido offers Maastricht’s internationally-minded students a “place to be" where they can hang out, exchange thoughts and ideas with others, study and party. At Kaleido everyone is welcome, no matter what you’re studying.
For more information go to www.kaleido-maastricht.nl Want to get involved? Just shoot them a message for further details.

About Stadsnomade
Stadsnomade serves the interests of Maastricht’s youth and young-adults, and their communities. Maastricht youngsters, international students, creatives, skaters and entrepreneurs are actively participating and volunteering at this non-profit.
Independent forms of expression, such as urban sports and culture, street art and skateboarding are engraved in the DNA of Stadsnomade. Sports and cultural events, long-terms projects, and modern-day crossovers – often in the public space – promote sports and culture participation amongst children, teens and young-adults.
Stadsnomade brings young people together, inspiring and activating them. This has a positive effect on their network building, personal growth, social skills, participation and empowerment.
For more information go to: www.stadsnomade.org