• BLOCK 4: 21:30 – 23:00 - Leán & Bahghi
  • BLOCK 4: 21:30 – 23:00 - Leán & Bahghi

BLOCK 4: 21:30 – 23:00 - Leán & Bahghi

Jazzy African, Latin American and Mediterranean Music

Leán is a trio formed by Silke Clarysse, Otto Kint and Gielis Cautaers. They met in Brussels, Belgium, in 2014, and decided to share their passion for world music. They successfully combine guitar compositions from African, Latin American and Mediterranean origins with a jazzy double bass and subtle hand percussion. At the beginning of September 2016, Leán released their first album, called Pangea. Leán has had the honour of playing concerts all over Belgium and was invited to play at the Safaricom International Jazz Festival in Nairobi, Kenya. In January 2019, the trio released their second album, called Jarabi.


Bahghi is a singer, musician and songwriter from an Eritrean family, and was born and raised in Amsterdam. She has been playing classical violin since the age of four. After graduating in Jazz Vocals from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, in 2018, she focused on the development of her artistic vision. She writes, produces and records her own music and travels all over the world to gain inspiration. Getting to know different cultures and art forms has increased Bahghi’s self-awareness. Growing up as a bi-cultural person and not feeling totally at home in one place led to a continual quest for her own identity. This quest has brought about numerous journeys, creations, connections and collaborations. On 25 June 2021, her debut EP Sunshine’s Got The Blues was released on all the streaming platforms.

Photograph ©Nisa Lavin


Sat 4 September 21:30-23:00h
LOCATION 3: Tent Stage