• OPENING: FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER - Theatre as Cheerful Science & Luwten

OPENING: FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER - Theatre as Cheerful Science & Luwten

Opening word
Martin Paul, President Maastricht University

Theatre as Cheerful Science
Jan van den Berg, Theatre Maker, Theater Adhoc

Jan van den Berg is presenting a theatrical ‘report of my research’. Well-informed stories about his expeditions to the limits of the naked eye and the naked intellect. From the particle accelerator at CERN, to a disappeared oasis in the Libyan desert and to the question of whether 'the Big Bang is a weak bid'. Along the way, he discovers the poetry of flatworm sex.

“A damn good performer who makes everything glow… He knows his business, he's an accomplished storyteller, whose practice of the art hinges on pleasure. We surf along on that pleasure”. (Loek Zonneveld in Theaterkrant)

Opening Concert Luwten

Under the moniker Luwten, Dutch artist Tessa Douwstra records, writes, performs, and produces cunning pop that incites both the head and the heart. In the past, Douwstra’s music was an attempt at casting a light on the introverted, embracing comfort of your own solitude and selfhood. Her forthcoming second album, Draft, takes on a different challenge: how to be that person with others in the room.
The name Draft speaks for itself. The songs evoke the feeling of a breeze underneath the door; a subtle reminder of becoming open to another. To illustrate this notion further, Luwten transmutes different sounds together with quizzical warmth: field recordings and organic noise are laced intricately with electronic sounds and melodic live instrumentation. On Draft, these productions tell as much of a story as Luwten’s compassionate vocals and soulful lyricism. The songs have been crafted right down to the smallest detail, while still retaining a certain fragility.

Anyone who has yet to be convinced of Douwstra’s craftmanship should lose no time in listening carefully to her new album.


Fri 3 September 20:00-22:00h
LOCATION 1: Main Stage