• Location 2: Bouillonstraat 3

Location 2: Bouillonstraat 3

Faculty of Law
Drinks are available at this location


Fri 6 September 21:15-21:45h
Onderwijsruimte B 0.115
How can a good night’s sleep protect against psychological complaints?
Fri 6 September 21:45-22:15h
Onderwijsruimte D 0.217
Flight shame
Fri 6 September 22:15-22:45h
Small garden
Fri 6 September 23:00-23:30h
Small garden
Sat 7 September 19:30-20:00h
Feestzaal B 1.113
Can Europe decide on the limits of our freedoms?
Sat 7 September 20:00-20:30h
Class Room B 0.113
Deception in the Consultation Room
Sat 7 September 21:00-21:30h
Lecture Hall 1, 0.009
Can you trust a food label?
Sat 7 September 21:30-22:00h
Feestzaal B 1.113
Debunking Myths about Eating and Dieting